Feature Information

Feature ID: Bradi5g18180
Feature Type: gene
Name: BdYDA1 (YODA1) / MAPK kinase kinase
Description: STE_MEKK_ste11_MAP3K.17 - STE kinases include homologs to sterile 7, sterile 11 and sterile 20 from yeast, expressed
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The mutation and phenotype for selected feature: Bradi5g18180

Project Name:Conservation and divergence of YODA MAPKKK functionin regulation of grass epidermal patterning

All multicellular organisms must properly pattern cell types to generate functional tissues and organs. The organized and predictable cell lineages of the Brachypodium leaf enabled us to characterize ...... Lab: Bergmann Lab, Department of Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5020, USA.; Contact: Dominique Bergmann, dbergmann@stanford.edu
Transformation Genetic background Construct gRNA Plant Mutation Phenotype
BdRT0001 Bd21-3 BdTG0001-1 sgRNA_6 bdyda1-2 (T0 ) -1 bp/-8 bp Guard cells and subsidiary cells are false-colored green and yellow, respectively.

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