Feature Information

Feature ID: FvH4_4g12690
Feature Type: gene
Name: PDS
Description: Phytoene desaturase
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The mutation and phenotype for selected feature: FvH4_4g12690

Project Name:CRISPR/Cas9?mediated mutagenesis of phytoene desaturase in diploid and octoploid strawberry

Background: Gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9 is a simple and powerful tool for elucidating genetic controls and for crop improvement and its use has been reported in a growing number of important food c...... Lab: Wilson Lab; NIAB EMR, New Road, East Malling, Kent ME19 6BJ, UK; Contact: Fiona Wilson; fiona.wilson@emr.ac.uk
Transformation Genetic background Construct gRNA Plant Mutation Phenotype
FxaRT0001 Hawaii 4 FxaTG0001-1 FxaGR0001-1 Calypso mutants (T0 ) multiple white stem/leaves
FxaRT0001 Hawaii 4 FxaTG0001-1 FxaGR0001-1 Hawaii mutants (T0 ) multiple white stem/leaves

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