Feature Information

Feature ID: Solyc05g014000
Feature Type: gene
Name: Pectin1
Description: Pectate lyase 1
Links to other Database: TFGD, TEA, SGN, iTAK

The mutation and phenotype for selected feature: Solyc05g014000

Project Name:Using CRISPR/Cas9 to understand and improve the plant immune system (NSF-IOS 1546625)

Diseases of crop plants have major economic and environmental impacts because they decrease yields, reduce marketability of produce and require extensive pesticide applications. The overarching goal o...... Lab: Martin Lab ; Contact: Gregory Martin: gbm7@cornell.edu
Transformation Genetic background Construct gRNA Plant Mutation Phenotype
CRT0053 RG-PtoR CTG0053-1 CGR0053-1 CRT0053-1 (T0 ) -2 bp 57%; WT 40%
CRT0053 RG-PtoR CTG0053-1 CGR0053-1 CRT0053-2 (T0 ) big deletion; TIDE didn't work

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