Feature Information

Feature ID: Solyc06g050560
Feature Type: gene
Description: Receptor like kinase, RLK
Links to other Database: TFGD, TEA, SGN, iTAK

The mutation and phenotype for selected feature: Solyc06g050560

Project Name:Functional characterization of LRR-RLKs in tomato

CRISPR mutagenesis of LRR-RLKs in tomato...... Lab: Lippman Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Contact: Zachary Lippman: lippman@cshl.edu
Transformation Genetic background Construct gRNA Plant Mutation Phenotype
LRR6 M82 SP+ CR-LRR6 CR-LRR6-F3 CR-LRR6 (T1 ) chimeric
LRR6 M82 SP+ CR-LRR6 CR-LRR6-F4 CR-LRR6 (T1 ) chimeric

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