Project Information

Using CRISPR/Cas9 to understand and improve the plant immune system (NSF-IOS 1546625)

Diseases of crop plants have major economic and environmental impacts because they decrease yields, reduce marketability of produce and require extensive pesticide applications. The overarching goal of this project is to take advantage of the natural variation present in tomato and its wild relatives along with the extensive genome sequence data available to discover new genes/loci that contribute to plant immunity. The molecular functions of these genes are then being investigated by using CRISPR/Cas9 and other molecular approaches. Our aim is to develop 150 tomato lines with CRISPR/Cas9-generated mutations in a diverse array of immunity-associated genes and to make these available to researchers for assessing the role of these genes in resistance or susceptibility to bacterial, fungal, viral, oomycete, and nematode pathogens.

Lab: Martin Lab
Contact: Gregory Martin:

List of Transformation

Transformation Description Genetic Background Construct Publication
CRT0001 transformation CRT0001 to Moneymaker Moneymaker CTG0001-1; CTG0001-1
CRT0002 transformation CRT0002 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0001-1; CTG0001-1
CRT0003 transformation CRT0003 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0003-1; CTG0003-2
CRT0004 transformation CRT0004 to TA537 TA537 CTG0003-1; CTG0003-2
CRT0005 transformation CRT0005 to Moneymaker Moneymaker CTG0005-1; CTG0005-2
CRT0006 transformation CRT0006 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0005-1; CTG0005-2
CRT0007 transformation CRT0007 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0007-1; CTG0007-2; CTG0007-3; CTG0007-4
CRT0008 transformation CRT0008 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0008-1; CTG0008-2; CTG0008-3
CRT0009 transformation CRT0009 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0009-1
CRT0010 transformation CRT0010 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0010-1; CTG0010-1
CRT0011 transformation CRT0011 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0011-1
CRT0012 transformation CRT0012 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0012-1; CTG0012-2
CRT0013 transformation CRT0013 to Hawaii 7981 Hawaii 7981 CTG0012-1; CTG0012-2
CRT0016 transformation CRT0016 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0016-1; CTG0016-2
CRT0018 transformation CRT0018 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0018-1; CTG0018-2
CRT0019 transformation CRT0019 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0019-1; CTG0019-2
CRT0020 transformation CRT0020 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0020-1; CTG0020-2
CRT0021 transformation CRT0021 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0021-1; CTG0021-2
CRT0022 transformation CRT0022 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0022-1; CTG0022-2; CTG0022-3
CRT0023 transformation CRT0023 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0023-1; CTG0023-2; CTG0023-2
CRT0024 transformation CRT0024 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0024-1; CTG0024-2
CRT0025 transformation CRT0025 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0025-1; CTG0025-2
CRT0026 transformation CRT0026 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0009-1; CTG0010-1; CTG0010-1
CRT0029 transformation CRT0029 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0029-1; CTG0029-2
CRT0030 transformation CRT0030 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0030-1; CTG0030-2
CRT0031 transformation CRT0031 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0031-1; CTG0031-2; CTG0031-2; CTG0031-3
CRT0032 transformation CRT0032 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0032-1; CTG0032-2
CRT0033 transformation CRT0033 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0033-1; CTG0033-2
CRT0034 transformation CRT0034 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0034-1; CTG0034-2
CRT0035 transformation CRT0035 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0035-1; CTG0035-2
CRT0036 transformation CRT0036 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0036-1
CRT0037 transformation CRT0037 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0037-1; CTG0037-2
CRT0038 transformation CRT0038 to RG-pto11 RG-pto11 CTG0037-1; CTG0037-2
CRT0039 transformation CRT0039 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0039-1; CTG0039-2; CTG0039-3; CTG0039-4; CTG0039-5
CRT0040 transformation CRT0040 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0040-1; CTG0040-2
CRT0041 transformation CRT0041 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0041-1; CTG0041-2
CRT0042 transformation CRT0042 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0042-1; CTG0042-2
CRT0043 transformation CRT0043 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0043-1; CTG0043-2
CRT0050 transformation CRT0050 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0050-1; CTG0050-2
CRT0051 transformation CRT0051 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0051-1; CTG0051-2
CRT0052 transformation CRT0052 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0052-1; CTG0052-2
CRT0053 transformation CRT0053 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0053-1; CTG0053-2
CRT0054 transformation CRT0054 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0054-1; CTG0054-2
CRT0055 transformation CRT0055 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0055-1; CTG0055-2
CRT0056 transformation CRT0056 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0056-1; CTG0056-2
CRT0057 transformation CRT0057 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0057-1; CTG0057-2
CRT0058 transformation CRT0058 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0058-1; CTG0058-2
CRT0059 transformation CRT0059 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0059-1; CTG0059-1; CTG0059-1
CRT0060 transformation CRT0060 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0060-1; CTG0060-2
CRT0061 transformation CRT0061 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0061-1; CTG0061-2
CRT0062 transformation CRT0062 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0062-1; CTG0062-2
CRT0063 transformation CRT0063 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0063-1; CTG0063-2
CRT0064 transformation CRT0064 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0064-1; CTG0064-2
CRT0065 transformation CRT0065 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0065-1; CTG0065-2
CRT0066 transformation CRT0066 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0066-1; CTG0066-2
CRT0067 transformation CRT0067 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0067-1; CTG0067-2
CRT0068 transformation CRT0068 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0068-1; CTG0068-2
CRT0069 transformation CRT0069 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0069-1; CTG0069-2
CRT0070 transformation CRT0070 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0070-1; CTG0070-2
CRT0071 transformation CRT0071 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0071-1; CTG0071-2; CTG0071-2; CTG0071-3
CRT0072 transformation CRT0072 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0072-1; CTG0072-2
CRT0073 transformation CRT0073 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0073-1; CTG0073-2
CRT0074 transformation CRT0074 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0074-1; CTG0074-1
CRT0075 transformation CRT0075 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0075-1
CRT0076 transformation CRT0076 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0076-1; CTG0076-2; CTG0076-3
CRT0077 transformation CRT0077 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0077-1
CRT0078 transformation CRT0078 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0078-1
CRT0079 transformation CRT0079 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0079-1; CTG0079-1; CTG0079-2; CTG0079-2
CRT0080 transformation CRT0080 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0080-1; CTG0080-2
CRT0081 transformation CRT0081 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0081-1; CTG0081-2
CRT0082 transformation CRT0082 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0082-1
CRT0083 transformation CRT0083 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0083-1
CRT0084 transformation CRT0084 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0084-1; CTG0084-1; CTG0084-2; CTG0084-2
CRT0085 transformation CRT0085 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0085-1; CTG0085-2
CRT0086 transformation CRT0086 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0086-1; CTG0086-2; CTG0086-3
CRT0087 transformation CRT0087 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0087-3; CTG0087-4
CRT0088 transformation CRT0088 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0088-1
CRT0089 transformation CRT0089 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0089-1
CRT0090 transformation CRT0090 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0090-1; CTG0090-1; CTG0090-2; CTG0090-2
CRT0091 transformation CRT0091 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0091-1
CRT0092 transformation CRT0092 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0092-1
CRT0093 transformation CRT0093 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0093-1; CTG0093-1; CTG0093-2; CTG0093-2
CRT0094 transformation CRT0094 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0094-1; CTG0094-2
CRT0095 transformation CRT0095 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0095-1; CTG0095-2
CRT0096 transformation CRT0096 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0096-1; CTG0096-2
CRT0097 transformation CRT0097 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0097-1; CTG0097-2
CRT0098 transformation CRT0098 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0098-1; CTG0098-2
CRT0099 transformation CRT0099 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0099-1; CTG0099-2
CRT0100 transformation CRT0100 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0100-1; CTG0100-2
CRT0101 transformation CRT0101 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0101-1; CTG0101-2
CRT0102 transformation CRT0102 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0102-1; CTG0102-2
CRT0103 transformation CRT0103 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0103-1; CTG0103-2
CRT0104 transformation CRT0104 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0104-1; CTG0104-2
CRT0105 transformation CRT0105 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0105-1; CTG0105-2
CRT0106 transformation CRT0106 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0106-1; CTG0106-2
CRT0107 transformation CRT0107 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0107-3; CTG0107-4
CRT0108 transformation CRT0108 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0108-1; CTG0108-2
CRT0109 transformation CRT0109 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0109-1; CTG0109-2
CRT0110 transformation CRT0110 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0110-1; CTG0110-2
CRT0111 transformation CRT0111 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0111-1; CTG0111-2
CRT0112 transformation CRT0112 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0112-1; CTG0112-2
CRT0113 transformation CRT0113 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0113-1; CTG0113-2
CRT0114 transformation CRT0114 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0114-1; CTG0114-2
CRT0115 transformation CRT0115 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0115-1; CTG0115-2
CRT0116 transformation CRT0116 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0116-1; CTG0116-2
CRT0117 transformation CRT0117 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0117-1; CTG0117-2
CRT0118 transformation CRT0118 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0118-1; CTG0118-2
CRT0119 transformation CRT0119 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0119-1; CTG0119-2
CRT0120 transformation CRT0120 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0120-1; CTG0120-2
CRT0121 transformation CRT0121 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0121-1; CTG0121-2
CRT0122 transformation CRT0122 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0122-1; CTG0122-2
CRT0123 transformation CRT0123 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0123-1; CTG0123-2
CRT0124 transformation CRT0124 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0124-1; CTG0124-2
CRT0125 transformation CRT0125 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0125-1; CTG0125-2
CRT0126 transformation CRT0126 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0138-3; CTG0138-4
CRT0127 transformation CRT0127 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0138-16; CTG0138-13; CTG0138-14
CRT0128 transformation CRT0128 to RG-prf3 RG-prf3 CTG0138-11; CTG0138-18; CTG0138-20
CRT0129 transformation CRT0129 to LA2109 LA2109 CTG0129-1; CTG0129-2
CRT0130 transformation CRT0130 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0130-1; CTG0130-2
CRT0131 transformation CRT0131 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0131-1; CTG0131-2
CRT0132 transformation CRT0132 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0132-1; CTG0132-2; CTG0132-3; CTG0132-4
CRT0133 transformation CRT0133 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0133-1; CTG0133-2
CRT0134 transformation CRT0134 to LA4245 LA4245 CTG0134-1; CTG0134-2
CRT0135 transformation CRT0135 to LA4245 LA4245 CTG0135-1; CTG0135-2
CRT0136 transformation CRT0136 to LA4245 LA4245 CTG0136-1; CTG0136-2
CRT0137 transformation CRT0137 to M82 sp+ M82 sp+ CTG0137-1; CTG0137-10; CTG0137-11; CTG0137-12; CTG0137-13; CTG0137-14; CTG0137-15; CTG0137-16; CTG0137-17; CTG0137-18; CTG0137-19; CTG0137-2; CTG0137-20; CTG0137-21; CTG0137-22; CTG0137-23; CTG0137-24; CTG0137-25; CTG0137-26; CTG0137-27; CTG0137-28; CTG0137-29; CTG0137-3; CTG0137-30; CTG0137-31; CTG0137-32; CTG0137-33; CTG0137-34; CTG0137-35; CTG0137-36; CTG0137-37; CTG0137-38; CTG0137-39; CTG0137-4; CTG0137-40; CTG0137-41; CTG0137-42; CTG0137-43; CTG0137-44; CTG0137-45; CTG0137-46; CTG0137-47; CTG0137-48; CTG0137-5; CTG0137-6; CTG0137-7; CTG0137-8; CTG0137-9 Thomas B. Jacobs, Ning Zhang, Dhruv Patel, and Gregory B. Martin (2017). Generation of a collection of mutant tomato lines using pooled CRISPR libraries. Plant Physiology: pp-00489.
CRT0138 transformation CRT0138 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0138-16; CTG0138-1; CTG0138-10; CTG0138-11; CTG0138-12; CTG0138-13; CTG0138-14; CTG0138-15; CTG0138-17; CTG0138-18; CTG0138-19; CTG0138-2; CTG0138-20; CTG0138-21; CTG0138-22; CTG0138-23; CTG0138-24; CTG0138-25; CTG0138-26; CTG0138-27; CTG0138-28; CTG0138-29; CTG0138-3; CTG0138-30; CTG0138-4; CTG0138-5; CTG0138-6; CTG0138-7; CTG0138-8; CTG0138-9 ; Thomas B. Jacobs, Ning Zhang, Dhruv Patel, and Gregory B. Martin (2017). Generation of a collection of mutant tomato lines using pooled CRISPR libraries. Plant Physiology: pp-00489.
CRT0139 transformation CRT0139 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0139-1; CTG0139-2
CRT0140 transformation CRT0140 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0140-1; CTG0140-2
CRT0141 transformation CRT0141 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0141-1; CTG0141-2; CTG0141-3
CRT0142 transformation CRT0142 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0142-1; CTG0142-2
CRT0143 transformation CRT0143 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0143-1; CTG0143-2
CRT0144 transformation CRT0144 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0144-1; CTG0144-2
CRT0145 transformation CRT0145 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0145-1; CTG0145-2
CRT0146 transformation CRT0146 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0146-1; CTG0146-2
CRT0147 transformation CRT0147 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0147-1; CTG0147-1; CTG0147-2; CTG0147-2
CRT0148 transformation CRT0148 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0148-1; CTG0148-2
CRT0149 transformation CRT0149 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0149-1; CTG0149-2
CRT0150 transformation CRT0150 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0150-1; CTG0150-2
CRT0151 transformation CRT0151 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0151-1; CTG0151-2
CRT0152 transformation CRT0152 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0152-1; CTG0152-1; CTG0152-2; CTG0152-3
CRT0153 transformation CRT0153 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0153-1; CTG0153-2
CRT0154 transformation CRT0154 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0154-1; CTG0154-2
CRT0155 transformation CRT0155 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0155-1; CTG0155-2
CRT0156 transformation CRT0156 to RG-PtoR RG-PtoR CTG0156-1; CTG0156-2

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